Tutorial - Naughty Coupon Booklet

Looking for a gift for that special someone which you can both enjoy?


Well look no further, Cherrypinkprints is here to deliver with this quick and easy, budget friendly coupon book, a perfectly saucy gift for him or her, that’s fun for you both!


And its super simple, in fact, you probably already have everything you need!


What you need:



1 -Print the coupon pages onto 220GSM white card. I always use 220gsm as it’s easy to work with but still holds it shape well, but this would easily work with normal printer paper too!


2 - Cut out all the coupons and coupon cover. This booklet contains 12 pre-made cards, 2 blank cards for you to make your own personalised coupons and a cover


3 - Line up all the coupons in one neat pile. You can place the coupons in any order you want!

4  - Once you have your coupons ready to go, take the cover and fold down either side of the dark strip in the middle. This strip is the spine of the booklet, and it makes it super easy to know where to fold the cover

5 - Now just place the stack of coupons inside the cover. They should fit perfectly!


6 - Grab your stapler and staple twice at the left edge. Don't try and go too close to the edge as you might not catch all the coupons, 1/2 inch is perfect!

And its that simple! Your naughty coupon book is ready to be wrapped or boxed & given to your significant other


This is a great last minute gift that keeps on giving. Now all you have to do is wait for the coupons to be cashed in  ;)

Let’s get crafting!

Amelia Cullern